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1 / What evidence is there for online therapy in comparison to face-to-face therapy?

A meta-analysis reviewing studies conducted between 2010 and 2019 found that the use of online therapies was equal to that of face-to-face psychotherapy in effectiveness (Snowswell et al., 2021). A systematic review of studies investigating the effectiveness of online services for enhancing employee psychological well-being and work effectiveness discovered positive outcomes (Carolan et al., 2017). Telehealth services have been used for various health conditions, including depression, anxiety and stress-related conditions.

2 / What are the potential benefits of group therapy?

Whilst group therapy initially sounds intimidating, many people report the surprising benefits of attending. They report the connection with others who are struggling as the biggest reward. They note how the connection with others helps normalise their experience, gain different perspectives of their problem, troubleshoot challenges, feel less ashamed for struggling and create a much-needed support network around them.

3 / What are the therapeutic benefits of journaling?
  • Increased self-awareness of positive aspects of stressful events when focusing on thoughts and feelings related to the event.

  • People who wrote about emotional topics were found to have improved immune system responses compared to those who wrote about neutral issues.

  • Able to respond effectively to life stressors; self-reliant.

  • Provides an opportunity to reconstruct past psychological injury when combined with meditation socially.

  • Improved health through emotional expression. 

  • Improved self-esteem and quality of life.

  • Decrease anxiety and depression.

  • Improved well-being.

4 / What are 'Spaces'?

I use the term 'space' for the group therapy options at Burnout Psychology Support. Space is a synonym for 'session'.  The Wellness Support Space is a small group of burnt out individuals, who meet regularly to be supported by a clinical psychologist through their recovery from burnout. It is a closed group so people can build connection with each other and create a safe community in which to heal. 

5 / What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is having a consultation with a healthcare provider by video call. The video call platform used at Burnout Psychology Support is Coviu. An Australian-made Telehealth platform made for healthcare professionals and their clients. Check out Coviu at

The advantage of Telehealth consultation is that you can stay at home (no travel time or cost) and a wider choice of health professionals at your finger tips. 

Research evidence indicates that video Telehealth consultations yield similar results to face-to-face sessions.

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