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When Burnout Becomes Reality Podcast

Podcast Cover. Background of the faces of podcast guests. In the middle is the podcast logo 'When Burnout Becomes Reality Shannon Swales. Company values are written in white on the border of the circle: Community Authenticity, Compassion and Wisdom. Podcast microphone sits in the middle of the circle.
Picture of psychologist Shannon Swales. Wearing a floral top. White wild flowers with a dark yellow background. She is facing front on smiling with her long light brown hair out and straight. She has a fair skin, dark grown eyebrows and eyes. In the background is a bookshelf and yellow walls. On the book shelf is books, photographs framed and other ornaments.

When Burnout Becomes Reality podcast (formerly known as Burnout: A Different Kind of GAP Year Podcast) is a mental health podcast focused on workplace mental health released on the first Thursday of every month. Each month showcases either a guest who comes on the show and shares their personal experience of burnout to recovery or a knowledge-based episode where an expert guest or me, a clinical psychologist, share skills and strategies to prevent or overcome burnout.

If you have a lived experience story of burnout or are someone working in the burnout field and are willing to share your experiences, please click on the contact button below. I would love to hear from you.

 You can access the When Burnout Becomes Reality podcast on this page (podcast provider links are provided below). 

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