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Person sitting down with legs up and resting on the porch railing. The person is holding a digital reader in her righ hand.

The Nook

Knowledge helps expand our minds, allowing us to make sense of our experiences. Reading books, listening to podcasts, connecting to informative social media pages and watching workplace mental health and burnout shows are ways to support your health and well-being. The nook is where you can find many resources to support your burnout needs. Feel free to contact me to let me know of any great resources you have found.

Currently Reading 

Front cover of book. Title at top in capital black letters 'Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors. Below this is the subtitle 'Overcoming Internal Self-Alienation'. This is in white font with red background. Most of the page is taking up by rocks of different shapes and sizes balancing on one another. The author's name is at the bottom, centered in capital black letters 'Janina Fisher'.

Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Overcoming Internal Self-Alienation by Janina Fisher

Book Cover. Blue sky taking up the whole of the book with wispy light clouds. Green leaves from a tree branch bordering the top of the book. Quote written in white top right and the title of the book and author in black at the bottom "Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky with Connie Burk Forword by Jon R Conie, PhD.

Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring For Self When Caring For Others by Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky

My Library of Resources

A list of books, podcasts, social media accounts and shows that can help with workplace mental health and burnout, and health and well-being in general. All the resources in this section are ones I have engaged with and found supportive.


Front cover of a book. Black background with the word Burnout repeated 5 times one after the other (vertically). Written in Pink font and facing out from the first to the last word 'Burnout'. Written in white ariting in the centre is 'the secret to unlocking the stress cycle. Authors noted down the bottom: Emily Nagoski, PhD and Amelia Nagoski, DMA.
Front cover of book. The title is above centre in clean capital letters - 'The Gifts of Compassion'. Subtitle written in smaller letters underneath the main title - How to understand and overcome sufering. The author is top centre - Stan Steindl. A graphic picture sits below the subtitle. Half circles sitting in each other with different colours, yellow, blue, and red with a smaller ball inside, coloured green. Blue background.
Russ Harris. The title in the middle in white capital letters - The Reality Slap. The subtitle underneath 'finding peace and fulfillment when life hurts'
Picture is of a book cover. White background. In the middle in big letters is the title - Quiet. With the author's name under neath in smaller letters - Susan Cain. Down below the words - The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking. The words on the cover are done in silver.
Book cover: Picture of a multi coloured tree with the trunk sprouting from the bottom left and the branches and bushy leaves covering most of the middle of the book. Title is in blocked purple and blue capital letters with a small black ink blurb and authors name written bottom centered.
Book cover - Dark purple background. In neon red/organge is the book's main title - sensitive. Underneath is the subtitle in a faded red/orange font - the hidden strength of sensitivty and empathy. in the centre on the bottom line is the author's name in white - Hannah Jane Walker


Podcast cover. Aqua green colour for the background which is shaped in a circle. Thin white lines shapped in a circle with the title in the middle in white letters - And ... Life Happened. Life is written in running writing and the And and Happened in blocked upper and lower case letters.
Podcast cover. Picture of podcast host - Becky Corbett bottom left. Light brown hair, tanned complection, wearing a long sleeve purple top with dark multicoloured thick scarf and dangling pink earrings. The title of the pod sits in bold purple letters at the top centered - The Gentle Living Podcast. Subtilep in smaller, black, capital letters - For the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Underneath this and next to the host's picture is the words - with Becky Corbett written in a running writing font. Background is a mixture of purple and gold blotches and white stars, giving a mistic feeling
podcats cover. White and purple background. Picture of host (sqaure boarder). Host is sitting on a couch forward with arms resting on lap. Shoulder length brown hair, tanned complection, smiling. Wearing a white, purple and pink patterned dress. Title Welcome to Self written in the centre and next to picture - with Dr Hayley D Quinn. Writing is in purpose. In top write hand corner is a graphic of a blossomed flower in different shades of purple.
episode podcast cover. A key sits in the top centre with diagnal segments with white bolders coming off it. Greens, yellows, pinks, browns, reds, and greys. Main segment below is a bluey grey and has the episode synopsis written on it. At the bottom is the words - unlocking us podcast with brene brown written in a bluey grey with off white background.


APP cover. Black border (square). White background. Picture of a yellow/brown sound bowl in the middle with the title of the APP in bold black letters underneath - InsightTimer
The words Smiling Mind written in capital letters with a thinking cloud off to the right of the words. Inside the thinking cloud is a smile. The images and words are in a red pinkish hue colour and white background. Click on image to be taken to the website.


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