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Psychology Services

Having healed from the burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma that peaked in Feb 2021, I have stepped back into my psychologist role in a way that is true to my heart and soul. By connecting with what I love about therapy, which is to:

Provide and evoke wisdom.

Facilitate a healing and growth community of people

Provide and cultivate compassion

Model and encourage authenticity


I provide Telehealth therapy - group and individual therapy services to individuals who suspect or suffer from burnout or burnout-related conditions (workplace mental health). I am offering a free 15-minute consultation to explore whether my psychology services fit your needs (contact details below).


Available for Australian Residents Only

Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP), Dept of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and WorkCover QLD registered.

I am also available for consultancy work, workshops, and speaking events. Contact to discuss your needs, and visit my community page to see my previous work.

Click on the images below for the services you want to know more about.


To learn about Burnout Syndrome, press play on your FREE resource below

Water drops near a stack of stones

Health is a state of the body. Wellness is a state of being.

J. Stanford

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