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Community Work

I enjoy nothing more than getting out in my community to advocate for mental health and well-being, particularly on Burnout - workplace mental health. I want to be part of a cultural shift from mental health being taboo to talk about, to it being second nature to talk about and take care of. I am hoping we can achieve this before I no longer walk this earth.

Below is a gallery of my work in the community to support workplace mental health - burnout. I am open to sharing my knowledge and mental health experiences with others (podcast guest, articles, workshop collaboration, speaking events, research, etc.). Contact me today to discuss your ideas or needs.

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     Navigating Burnout Q&A Webinar:
Strategies for Health and
Community Workers

On the 1 November 2023 I was a part of a combined science and lived experience expert panel hosted by Community Services Industry Alliance. 

It was an honour to be invited to share my wisdom along with my peers to help those in need.

You can check out the vital knowledge and skills shared to help prevent, recovery and grow from burnout by clicking the link below.

     4zzz Only Human Radio Show
Guest Appearance

In May 2022, and again in October 2023 I was a guest on Brisbane's 4ZZZ 102.1 Only Human Radio show. 

To have the opportunity to have an authentic conversation about experiencing mental health as a mental health professional with Belle was once again a pleasure. 

A great bunch of humans doing great things for community. Forever thankful to 4ZZZ Only Human for giving voice to myself and so many others.

To listen to the most recent interview. Click on the link below and go to 15/10 recording. It includes a great soundtrack put together by Steven at 4ZZZ.

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Talking All Things Burnout 
World Mental Health Day 2023

 This event answers common questions and audience questions on burnout. You will go away with

🌟 Awareness of what burnout is.

🌟 Knowledge of the risks/triggers for burnout.

🌟 Hope by obtaining evidence-based knowledge of the steps to prevent, respond and grow from burnout. 🌟 Validation and normalisation of the experience of burnout.

The panel includes a mix of experts and lived experience guests to help bring a well-rounded discussion on this critical topic.

Watch the live recording by clicking on the link below. Be sure to leave a review.

The Social Work Rants Podcast Guest

I got to sit down and chat with Basiliso Moreno, a Social Worker from the US.

I first discovered Bas's work during my burnout. I was pulled towards his work because of his authenticity - speaking the truth and wanting to help his fellow mental health professionals in doing their work that comes with daily challenges.

In this episode of The Social Work Rants Podcast, we chat about the differences in our professions and the mental health systems in the US and Australia. We also share the difficulties and challenges we have faced working in those systems.

The Enlightened Pharmacist Podcast Guest

I sat down with Therese Loo, a pharmacist, health coach, and a woman on a quest to help herself and others achieve optimal well-being.  On this pod episode we discussed the topic of burnout and the importance of mental health and well-being. As a clinical psychologist who has personally experienced burnout, I share my insights on the signs and symptoms of burnout, when to seek professional help, and risk factors to be aware of. I hope that by sharing my story, others will be empowered to prioritize their own mental health and well-being. Click on the link to check it out and be sure to check out Therese's work while you are there.

Compassion in a T-Shirt YouTube Channel Guest

I sat down and talked about burnout and how compassion assisted my recovery on Dr Stan Steindl's  Compassion in a T-shirt YouTube channel in July 2023

I am grateful for the opportunity and hope that my story helps others see how compassion helps with burnout.

Workshop: When Burnout Becomes Reality

On the 3 May 2023 I delivered a 2 hour workshop to build awareness of burnout syndrome and give hope for the prevention and treatment of burnout.


The workshop was an infusion of my scientific knowledge, treatment experience, and lived experience of burnout. Attendees walked away with the following outcomes:

  • Ability to identify whether they or others are suffering from burnout syndrome.

  • Knowledge of the warning signs of burnout.

  • Awareness of burnout's impacts on the individual and the organisation. 

  • Knowledge of what steps to take towards recovery/prevention from burnout.

If you are interested in this workshop being delivered at your organisation, please get in touch with me.

And...Life Happened Podcast Guest Appearance

In October 2022 I was a guest on Samatha and Jessica's podcast, And...Life Happened, Shannon's Resiliency Story. 

I jumped at the chance to be part of their podcast; I love what they stand for (see 'about this podcast' below). They were also guests on my podcast, episode 14, where they shared their burnout experiences.


I find I get something from sharing my story every time, and this time was no different. I hope that sharing it helps someone else out there going through their own "life happened" moment.


About this podcast 

We've all had those moments that defined us and shaped our resiliency; those times when life happened. In this podcast, we want to focus on the “life happened” situations that we all experience, allow us to connect and draw together through our real experiences, and share openly about how we can be both strong and soft, hard and gentle, resilient and vulnerable. Follow us on Instagram @and_lifehappened

Click on the link below to listen to my episode, and while you are there, check out episodes 1 and 2, which are Jessica and Samantha's resiliency stories. Not to be missed.

Picture of workplace mental health psychologist, Shannon Swales. Picture is from the chest up. Wearing a denim jacket.

The Gentle Living Podcast
Guest Appearance

In August 2022 I was a guest on Becky Corbett's The Gentle Living Podcast, EP 43

A different Kind of GAP Year - A Clinical Psychologist's Journey from Burnout to Healing. Becky writes...

In this episode, I sat with Brisbane-based clinical psychologist Shannon Swales to have a deep conversation about her breakdown as a result of burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, which then led to taking a year off (aka "gap year") to focus on her recovery and healing. Through this journey, she found that blogging, podcasting and being open in sharing her experience to be a therapeutic process.


I gain so much from sharing my experience of burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma every time, so thanks to Becky for providing me the space to do so again.

Click on the link below to hear our conversation and if you like what you hear you can follow Becky's work by joining The Gentle Living Community - a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore your trait of high sensitivity and enrol for FREE workshops!


Gentle Living

Website: Email: 

Veterinary Wellness Club

I had the pleasure of being the guest speaker at the August Veterinary Wellness Club, a club that is creating meaningful connection in the Veterinary industry by learning, sharing and meditating together. I spoke on the topic I know all too well, Burnout.

The event was special for me for two reasons, one, it was an opportunity to support a group of professionals I hold in very high esteem and two, I got to step out of my comfort zone; I don't usually get up and speak in front of a whole lot of people.

I hope to be involved in many more of these types of events in the future. Thank you, Marilyn and Michael, two amazing Veterinarians for having me.

If you'd like me to speak at your event email me at

If you'd like to check out the Veterinary Wellness click on the learn more button.


Picture of workplace mental health speaker, Shannon Swales. Standing presenting. Screen takes up much of the picture. Displaying presentation slides.
Picture of telehealth psychologist, Shannon Swales in a meditation pose wearing black jumper. Her dog Hana is laying across her lap.

Gain Love Life
Magazine Article

In June 2022, I published my first ever article in a newly launched online magazine devoted to sharing authentic experiences to help support people worldwide.

Writing my story from burnout to recovery in just a few pages was challenging, but I'm happy with the result. 😁

Each time I write about my experience, I either learn something new or re-learn a lesson I had forgotten. 

Thanks,, for this fantastic opportunity and for the excellent work they are doing 🥰🙏🧡

Goodluck, Charlie Podcast
Guest Appearance

Earlier in 2022, I had the lovely opportunity to be interviewed by Tahlia for her podcast show named Good Luck, Charlie, where she explores (amongst many things) different career/work options by interviewing people in those roles. She asked me to come on the show and talk about clinical psychology, so I did.

Such a brilliant idea and resource that I encourage you to check out and share widely! I only wished this resource existed when I was trying to figure my path out when I was her age. 

Tahlia is also a guest on Burnout Psychology Support podcast, episode 8. She, like so many of us, has experienced burnout, hers occurring during her senior years of schooling. She bravely shares her experience in the hope that it will help someone else—a wonderful soul. 


Episode Name: Future Me: A Clinical Psychologist, 

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