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Introducing Shannon Swales, Clinical Psychologist

The short (10 min) video is great for anyone considering connecting with the Burnout Psychology Support (formerly known as Burnout: A Different Kind of GAP Year) services (individual and group) or resources (podcast and blog). It gives you a sense of who I am and how I work.


It provides you with the following:

- How I came to be a clinical psychologist

- What I am passionate about in practising psychology

- How I work with people experiencing psychological difficulties

I provide a free 15 min phone or telehealth consultation to discuss your therapy needs and to provide further information on the Burnout Psychology Support services. Click on contact to arrange a callback.

Psychology Services

A range of therapy options are available to those seeking help for workplace mental health. There are Telehealth individual and group therapy to suit individuals' personal needs. I am an experienced telehealth psychologist, having worked in this form of therapy delivery for over a decade. If you don't see something that would benefit feel free to get in contact to help me understand what it is you are needing and whether it is something I can provide. I am available also to conduct workshops or speak at workplaces to help raise the awareness and support workplace mental health.

Psychology Resources

Burnout Psychology Support was born out of the free resources I started as part of my recovery from burnout. These were the burnout blog and the burnout podcast: When Burnout Becomes Reality. These resources are my passion projects. I love to talk, meet people, hear their stories, learn from them, and write. The blog has been through some massive changes. It did start as a journal of my recovery that I am now turning into a book. My journal is no longer available for public viewing, but my story is through everything I do. My blog is now up on Psychology Today called Lessons from a Burnt Out Psychologist. I post articles that will assist you in your mental wellness journey. Feel free to leave a comment, rate, subscribe, share, etc., to help these free resources reach the four corners of the earth. Thank you.

When Burnout Becomes Reality Podcast

A podcast that hosts both lived experience guests and expert guests to bring to listeners awareness and hope to prevent, recover or grow from burnout

Podcast cover. In the middle in a circle is the podcast logo. Around the curved edges is the Burnout Psychology Support Values: Community, Autenticity, Compassion, and Wisdom. In the middle is the podcast name and host: When Burnout Becomes Reality, Shannon Swales. A faded picture of a microphone is in the background. The company logo of parachuter over a mountain ridge is in the centre of the circle. The rest of the picture is made up of the many faces of the podcast guests in vertical columns. Lots of vibrant colours

Lessons From a Burnt Out Psychologist

Psychology Today Blog

In August 2023 I started writing a blog for Psychology Today an online publication dedicated to mental health and the science of human behaviour. Their motto is “Here to Help.” I have been a reader of this publication since I was an undergraduate student in the early 2000s. I had never dreamed of writing for them, back then I didn't dare to dream, but now is a different story and here I am writing and sharing my wisdom with the readers. Yay! 
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