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The Burnout Psychology Support blog has been through quite an evolution. It started as my very own personal journal to help support my recovery and growth from burnout. I decided to make it public so that others may feel less alone (and me too) when going through burnout. A journal that I have turned into a book: Nothing Left to Give, pre-order now available on Amazon (go to book webpage - link below)

Since recovering and venturing back into providing psychological services in early 2023, I decided to pivot the blog to less about me and my wellness journey and more about writing articles that can assist with yours.

 Initially, my blog was posted here on my website, but in August 2023, it pivoted to a blog called Lessons From a Burnt Out Psychologist, featuring in Psychology Today.

I am still journalling every week, essential to maintaining my wellness. You will still hear about my earlier burnout experience here and there and how I keep myself well throughout everything I do. I share because there is power in everyone's story, especially the vulnerable ones. And it keeps at the forefront of my and everybody's mind that we are human, not robots.

If there is a topic you'd like to know more about, contact me to let me know, and I will look at doing a blog article on it.

Lessons From a Burnt Out Psychologist
Psychology Today Blog

In August 2023 I started writing a blog for Psychology Today an online publication dedicated to mental health and the science of human behaviour. Their motto is “Here to Help.” I have been a reader of this publication since I was an undergraduate student in the early 2000s. I had never dreamed of writing for them, back then I didn't dare to dream, but now is a different story and here I am writing and sharing my wisdom with the readers. Yay! 
Person sitting on their bed, cross legged with a book open in their lap. They have long brown wavey hair and are wearing jeans and a dark blue jumper. Their head is tilted down and they are writing in their journal. The wall behind them is an off white colour with a wall hanging that is light brown.

Start Journaling to Support Recovery From Burnout

Self-observation of our inner experiences is key to recovery from burnout. Journaling helps us to achieve it.

Picture of woman wearing a long sleeve denim top appearing upset. She is holding a box of tissues in one hand the other is holding a used tissue up to her face. She is standing in her kitchen, leaning on a bench.

The Losses That Come With Burnout

Being equipped to handle the losses associated with burnout is vital to healing. Here are 5 key steps for responding.

Person wearing white and black striped jumper, smiling and holding a cup of tea. They are sitting at a white desk with a silver lap top open in front of them.

Going Back to Work After Burnout

A Personal Perspective: When do you know you are ready to return to work? It's a common question for those suffering from or helping someone who is burnt out.

Picture of a street sign with one pointed to the left with the word risk on it and the other to the right with the word no risk written on it. Two people stand looking at the sign.

A Burnout Risk Checklist

How does one become burnt out? Know your risk so you can prevent it.

Woman in long sleeve brown top, sitting on a couch with coffee mug in hands looking up with a smile on her face. She is wearing glasses, has brown shoulder length hair and caucasian complexion.

Breaking Up with Perfectionism

You can break up with perfectionism, and your health depends on it. Follow these seven steps.

Burnout Psychology Support Blog

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