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Picture of a table with a black table cloth on top sits a pale green vase with wildflowers in it off to the right. Front and centre is a stack of the book Nothing Left to Give with one sitting verticle behind it. blurred backdrop.
Picture of Author, Shannon Swales holding her book 'NotingLeft to Give' at her book launch.

What happens when a psychologist burns out?  


Perfectly imperfect psychologist, Shannon Swales, suffered a major burnout at the beginning of 2021, and to help herself heal began a journal recording her path of recovery. Her vividly honest account of what it’s like to burn out and what it takes to recover destigmatises mental health issues and provides a practical way forward for others also suffering burnout.  


Learn from Shannon’s experiences and the practical tools she provides to move away from prioritising care for others, perfectionism, people pleasing, worry, self-criticism, and low self-worth, all precursors for burnout. Discover how to make the change to prioritising self, rest and fun, setting boundaries, listening to and respecting your own needs, letting others support you, settling your mind, and dealing with uncertainty; all precursors for good mental health and recovery from burnout.


Whether you are experiencing burnout or not, reading Psychologist Shannon Swales’s journey from burnout to recovery will help you understand what it takes to look after your mental health and well-being.

Available: Ebook and paperback. Amazon and other online retailers. You can order a copy at your local bookstore or request it at your local library.

Book Cover Artist
Jasmine Veronique

Commissioning Jasmine Veronique to do the cover of my memoir, Nothing Left to Give was the best decision I made. The outcome speaks for itself.

In her blog article (click on link below) she writes about her process and shares her work, including my cover that we affectionately call the Blue Lady. I highly recommend working with her.

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